Save Money

Save money buy buying in bulk and add stability to your food budget all year long. Not to mention the convenience...

Taste the Difference

Know where your food is coming from & what you're eating. It's free of fillers and chemicals. It's local. It's fresh.

Expand your Menu

Enjoy the cuts you love and try new cuts you may not purchase regularly.


Beef in Bulk

We offer 3 different packages: a side, a quarter or a Sampler. With any of our packages processing and delivery is include to the Omaha or Lincoln area.

The quarter and side packages are customizable, so you can choose packaging, leanness of ground beef, thickness of steaks, etc. The Sampler is 1/3 of a side & includes each type of cut.

Lamb in Bulk

This is the best value for a lamb lover. You choose the cuts and packaging. Delivery to Omaha or Lincoln is included.


Next Steps...

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